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Jun 14, 2012 10:00pm EDT
competitive pressure and possible bankruptcy. one-quarter of china's power is not connected to the power grid. today the industry is growing but it's moderated and and reduce the number and more sustainable level. the focus and allow the u.s. to regain clean energy investment dollars in 2011. that said, it's unlikely that the u.s. will top the table in 2012. as policy appears to be particularly in the wind sector. finally, i would like to address the question of what is next for chinese clean energy companies. as the industry cools at home, many are now seeking opportunities abroad. china has a surplus of savings and a strong need for further investment to drive the economic growth, including more investment overseas. as government has encouraged the clean energy industry to do this. chinese solar companies have exploited their equipment to germany, the united states, and elsewhere for years. the chinese wind turbine and other clean tech investors have remained confined to the domestic market. in coming months, we anticipate chinese power companies and banks developing and clean en
Jun 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. with a limit of a. resources on the line what does china's race for resources mean for the rest of the world? for sixty years the -- engagement in greater seattle through programs with teachers and students, through bringing delegates to meet with local community members and organization and public programs like this one tonight. our programs are made possible for sponsorships and community partnerships and we would like to thank tonight's sponsor microsoft for the sport. greater seattle chinese chamber of commerce. the university of washington african's study program, and seattle university's asian studies and global african studies programs. as we do with all of our events in order to reach a larger audience than the one that's here tonight, we're going to be tweeting this event from seattle. the hashtag miyowac. it if you're on twitter, follow join, ask questions, engage. we believe that the dialogue and discussion are critical to developing a better understanding of the world. and i invite you to participate in the conversation. we will be doing open q and a for tonight's event
Jun 14, 2012 11:00am EDT
south china sea in particular? and in that large area between china and the philippines in which there are extraordinary resources, and certainly very little definition of who does what and for the moment a great deal of reliance upon the united states fleet to bring some definition to this if we don't have law of the sea, the question is how do we define it? what are we prepared to do? what are the american people prepared to do? it's one thing to talk about enforcing this and in essence going to war over it but at least in the old days it required a declaration of war that people wanted to know if it was worth the sacrifice of individual human beings. so can anyone give me some idea of where we're headed in the pacific and the south china sea particularly. >> yes, sir, i can. in the south china sea you have a great example of how the law of the sea should play out if done correctly. because of globalization, things that move in the oceans that move through the south china sea, half of the energy supplies in the world move through there daily, a third of our economy moves throug
Jun 7, 2012 12:00pm PDT
>> rose: welcome to the program. we begin this it evening with another inside look at china. this time with james fallows, national correspondent for "the atlantic magazine" and author of "china airborne," in which he looks at aviation as a metaphor for the chinese future and experience. >> there's a lot of concern in china about whether they're now hit a wall or plateau, whether if they do more of this current model just building things and having outsourcing factories, whether they're ever going to get richer than they are now or just bigger. the current 12th five-year plan-- which i think i have discussed with you in the past-- has a big push for what they think of as the industries of the future-- pharmaceuticals, info tech, clean energy, and aerospace. these are the areas where they say rich countries do these things. if we can do these things we'd be rich, it it to. >> rose: we conclude with "the atlantic." his documentary "shoah" is one of the great documentaries ever made. >> it's about the extermination camps. >> jim fallows, claude lanzmann when we continue. captioning s
Jun 7, 2012 7:00pm PDT
positive. that was in reaction to news of a rate cut in china which came before the u.s. fed chairman's view on the u.s. economy. this capped the u.s. stock, advanced. the dow ended up 0.4% at 12,460. well, for more we're going to go to ramin mellegard who's at the tokyo stock exchange. ramin, quite a surprise move from china. how are stocks starting this friday morning here in tokyo? >> very good morning to you, ai. yes, looks like markets are actually taking more of a tack from chairman bernanke's words than the rate cut from china. and that follows on from the surprise move from china to cut the interest rates. but then, of course, the fed chairman er bernanke's statemenn front of the joint banking committee in congress actually tempered some of the gains and we're seeing that reflected in the opening levels. let's have a look at the nikkei and the topix here this friday morning june 8th here in japan. and just looking at the nikkei right now, you can see actually it is trading a little bit lower. before markets opened here, we also did have economic data. we did have japan's current
Jun 14, 2012 9:30pm EDT
energy in china and the u.s. and after that, defense secretary leon panetta and joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey testify before a senate appropriations subcommittee on defense spending. >>> tune in to c-span 3 friday morning for live coverage of the faith & freedom coalition conference. it's billed as the largest voter education and get out the vote effort targeting evangelicals, tea party voters and conservatives. speakers include former house speaker newt gingrich, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, radio host glenn beck, and many others. that's live 9:00 a.m. friday on c-span3. >>> one of the quotes from white house staffer that i thought was really exceptionally inspiring was once you realize the magnitude of difference you can make in public life, everything else will pale in comparison. >> i think it was best put this week when brian from the white house came and said, he said a quote. those who think they're crazy enough to change the world are the ones that actually do. >> mr. brian, the same than that christopher was talking about said choose carefully and
Jun 24, 2012 5:30pm PDT
residents won't be able to avoid this issue either. >> china's communist party wants to boost it's press stick with a series of technological successes before its top leaders meet this fall. it said its manned submarine reached a record depth of more than 7,000 meters. they said it landed 7,020 meters below sea level at the marina trench in the pacific ocean. on june 15th it broke the 6527 meter record set by japan's 6,500. the administrator of the state ocean jake administration says china is now able to carry out manned activities in more than 99.8% of deep waters. he says the dive is a great achievement that will help china to become a struggle marine power. >>> up in space chinese astronauts have successfully performed a manual docking with an orbiting space laboratory. china completed its first automatic manned docking with a module last monday. the capsule docked with the module 343 kilometers above the earth. the spacecraft attached from the module on sunday. the astronauts began their approach from a distance of 140 meters. they completed the manual docking shortly before 500 hou
Jun 5, 2012 6:30pm EDT
outpouring. >> hip hip hooray. >> in lockstep when it comes to syria, the leaders of china and syria in demand that may be more -- the leaders in russia and china demanded they do more to stop the regime. is china beating everyone to the finish line? welcome to our viewers on pbs and america. it was a celebration like no lover and today the pageantry was on full display. -- it was a celebration like no other. people turned out in droves despite some truly british whether to pay tribute to queen elizabeth. her husband was absent after being hospitalized with an infection. >> sheet is used to taking things in her stride. -- she is used to taking things in her stride. she was not want to let the absence of her husband diminished per day. the queen traveled from buckingham palace accompanied not by her husband but by one of for the ladies in waiting, waiting cheerfully to people, some of whom had camped out. at st. paul's cathedral, where her great great grandmother celebrated her diamond jubilee more than a century ago, she was escorted to proceed at the head of the conjugation -- of the c
Jun 29, 2012 7:30am EDT
exempted two more countries from financial sanctions that is against iran. china and singapore will not be pe penalized even if their institutions do business with the iranian central bank. secretary of state hillary clinton said u.s. officials granted exemptions because the countries have significantly rue du -- reduced the amount of crude oil. they enacted a law that pe penalized institutions. u.s. leaders hope to pressure the iranians by choking off all revenues. european officials coordinated with the americans. the old embargo will take effect on sunday. clinton said iranian leaders will understand more fully the urgency of the choice they face. 20 economies, including china and singapore have qualified for sanctions. -- exemptions. >> off the harmful effects are ripling around the globe. they have even reached china, the world's second largest economy. >> reporter: this french newspaper tells the story of a chinese businessman buying a respected french winery. the buyers' company is headquartered in the autonomous region in inland, china. beside wine it makes med icinal liquor
Jun 14, 2012 11:30am EDT
the series of exchanges that we've had with china where they have insisted on only bilateral solutions is perhaps the strongest argument for us proceeding forward in this sort of way where we can continue to encourage multilateral solutions. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you, senator webb. that last point is a critical one. i'm sorry senator corker isn't still here to hear you say it but i think we should chat with him about it. everyone i think has agreed -- one of the reasons we have our presence where we do in the pacific is because we are viewed by most nations out there as being the indispensable nation. and clearly yana would love to just use its power to bilaterally leverage some of the country. if the united states is at the table and there's a unit, there's a whole different equation that chinese have to take into account. virtue of -- it advantage s us for the chinese to be out. they have been ribbed and kind of made fun of in various meetings when the subject comes up because we're not a member. they look and say you're not a member. you don't have standing to bring this
Jun 14, 2012 10:30pm EDT
useful thing to do. you ought to be successful in it. china needs to do more for reasons of environment and to change their energy sourcing. are there places to collaborate? clean technology in pv or wind. i'm struck by the fact that they come back with iphones and ipads and at least on the invention side and a lot of the benefit and in here it's not about a consumer and consumer products and consumer electronics. whether we can have the ability to generate not only the r and d and invention but commercialization. >> let me ask -- and maybe this will give better definition to the others. is it about just deploying it, making sure that you have the wind turbine up? but if it's not connected to anything, if it's not generating, is that something, then, that says china is more successful in deploying this? again, what are these metrics? mr. wu? i'll just go down the line here. >> thank you for your question. i think that's a very good point. there's one metric. and if we may offer one suggestion, it's grid parity that matters. being able to deploy clean energy at a cost that is
Jun 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
scrutiny of china's human rights issues. >> translator: i feel the chinese communist party is also tightening its control over the people of hong kong. we have to strongly oppose this. >> the government has been cracking down on pro democracy activists as it prepares to reshuffle the bureau standing committee this fall. >>> delegates from the international atomic energy agency will resume talks friday with representatives of iran. the head of the nuclear watchdog says he hopes to restart an investigation of the country's suspected weapons program. iaea director general yukiya amano spoke monday at the agency's board meeting in vienna. >> i wish to inform the board that a meeting between iran and the agency has been scheduled for june 8th in vienna. i invite iran to sign and implement it as soon as possible and provide early access to the site. >> the iaea suspects iran has been developing nuclear weapons at the parchin military complex. the country's leaders have refused to allow iaea inspectors access to the site. >>> north korea's military is threatening to attack several south k
Jun 27, 2012 7:00pm PDT
markets are doing. >>> vietnam has called on china to halt its plans for developing offshore oil and gas fields in a disputed area in the south china sea. the protest from the president of vietnam's national oil and gas group came after china corporation began international bidding for joint development projects. the chinese company intends to drill for oil and natural gas in a 160,000 square kilometer area off the coast of vietnam. >> translator: china's actions are illegal. the mining fields that china is trying to develop lie within vietnam's exclusive economic zone. >> a vietnamese foreign ministry spokesperson also raised concerns pointing out that the sites are even closer to his country than the areas that have been in dispute with china over many years. he also stressed that vietnam has already begun to conduct surveys in the area for joint projects with overseas firms. a chinese foreign ministry official responded by saying the development is a justifiable economic activity and that china hopes vietnam will not violate its rights to oil and gas in the area. china's maritime auth
Jun 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
china. the shenzhou-9 linked up with the tiangong-1 module. it happened 340 kilometers above earth. engineers at a ground base carried out the docking by remote control. they've been adjusting the spacecraft's orbit since its liftoff saturday. the crew members went inside the space lab. two of them are men. the third is a woman. liu yang. she's the first female chinese astronaut to go into orbit. they'll perform a manual docking and carry out experiments during their 13-day mission. the link-up in space marks china's first manned docking. it'she third country to do this after the united states and russia. chinese leaders are aiming to build a permanent space station by 2020. >>> diplomats are meeting in moscow to argue over the future of iran's nuclear program. representatives of seven nations are in the russian capital. it's their third round of negotiations since april. they are trying to sort out their differences over the iranian government's uranium enrichment program. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton and iran's top nuclear negotiator saeed jalili are participating in
Jun 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
demand and growth in china, europe and the u.s. actually being cut back. so those are some of the major impediments for a lot of the japanese companies. a lot of the exporters. nu numura securities will be coming out with its outlook for 2012 and 2013. that will be ieresting to see. from the semiconductor industry japan electronics association is also going to come out with trade statistics for the semiconductor industry. of course, the high-tech industry, the semiconductor outlook is a key factor in seeing how the high tech industry is going to be faring as well. but let's have a look at the currency levels as well. yen, obviously, a main driver of stocks over here. 78.32-35 dollar/yen. we're seeing the recent yen buying stopping a little bit on cautions over possible currency interventions. ai? >> so that would mean a lot of focus on what central bankers will do then? >> yeah very quickly, i'll just say that the chairman bernanke of the federal reserve is going to be speaking on thursday. we got the european central bank meeting -- policy meeting on wednesday. nvd, of course a focus o
Jun 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
of firsts for china. the shenzhou nine linked up with the tenggong 1 module. engineers at a ground base carried out the docking by remote control. they've been adjusting the spacecraft's orbit since its liftoff saturday. they went inside the space lab. two of them are men. the third is a woman. liu yang. she's the first female chinese astronaut to go into orbit. they'll perform a manual docking and carry out experiments during their 13-day mission. the link-up in space marks china's first manned docking. it's the third country to do this after the united states and russia. chinese leaders are aiming to build a permanent space station by 2020. >>> diplomats are meeting in moscow to argue over the future of iran's nuclear program. representatives of seven nations are in the russian capital. it's their third round of negotiations since april. they are trying to sort out their differences over the iranian government's uranium enrichment program. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton and iran's top nuclear negotiator saeed jalili are participating in the two-day discussions. negotiat
Jun 5, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >>> united front. the leaders of russian and china meet in beijing and agree on a common approach to syria. western powers have been trying to bring about a regimee change in syria. but representatives of russian and china have blocked the efforts. the presidents have met to strengthen their strategic partnership. we report from beijing. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin is in beijing where he held talks with the chinese president. this was his first visit to china since returning to the presidency in may. pew tan said that the two countries share common interest in many fields including international affairs, the economy and technologies. putin says that ties between russian and china have developed to the highest level ever and he wants to develop them even farther. the chinese president wants to strengthen the partnership in energy immediates. they discussed syria saying that they seek a political solution. they agreed to take a coarser stance on military intervention. the summit opens on wednesday in beijing. the body was formed by russian, china and central asian
Jun 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
, europe, japan, china, each has to take appropriate measures of its own. stocks won't hit bottom and the yen won't stop rising unless europe takes steps to prevent a full-blown financial crisis. >> he points out there's no time to waste. he says those countries should act now. >>> here's more of the latest market figures. >>> defense leaders and security experts from 26 nations have wrapped up their annual security forum. they met in singapore for the so-called shangri-la dialogue. they focused on something of concern to them all, the new u.s. military strategy for the asia-pacific. >> and by 2020 the navy will reposture its forces from today's roughly 50%-50% split between the pacific and the atlantic to about a 60/40 split. >> security analysts believe leaders at the pentagon are trying to counter the weight of china. chinese officials are building up their navy. their neighbors say they have become increasingly aggressive. officials in china and the philippines, for example, both claim sovereignty over the scarborough shoal in the south china sea. they've been locked in a maritime
Jun 6, 2012 7:30am EDT
. >>> the leaders of china and russia remain opposed to any military intervention in syria. president vladimir putin and hu jintao held a summit meeting in beijing. their show of unity is frustrating western powers looking for ways to increase the pressure on the syrian government. nhk world reports. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin is in beijing where he held talks with chinese president hu jintao. this was his first visit to china since returning to the presidency in may. putin told hu that the two countries share common interest in many fields, including international affairs, the economy and technologies. putin also said ties between russia and china have developed to the highest level ever, and he wants to develop them even further. hu said he wants to step up the two countries' strategic partnership, including military and energy fields. the two leaders also discussed syria. they said the international community should support mediation by former u.n. chief kofi annan and seek a political solution. the summit of the shanghai corporation organization opens on wednesd
Jun 22, 2012 7:30am EDT
says they're part of its southernmost prefecture, okinawa, china says it owns them. in march, china's marine research ships started patrolling the seas near the senkaku island. tokyo will protect the senkaku island. when he made the comment recently, tokyo's governor said he intended to buy some of the island from a private owner. china reacted sharply to the governor's plans. >> translator: comments by politicians of that stature not only harm bilateral relations and they tarnish japan's international image. >> reporter: many chinese people have joined in the criticism. >> translator: we should pressure and protest. >> throughout much of their history jash history, japan and china have had close economic and cultural ties and they have become strained over the senkaku island. in this edition of the china report we take a close look at the tension. we begin with a result of a survey how chinese and japanese feel about each other. a china ease nonprofit and newspaper linked to the government, conducted the poll during april and may. it shows the that more than 80% of japanese have nega
Jun 8, 2012 4:30pm PDT
global economy. >> if europe slows down and buys less from china, then china will slow down. if china slows down, they have less euros and dollars to invest, maybe they buy less u.s. treasuries. >> reporter: spain is under strong pressure from the united states and other countries to have a solution in place before june 17. that's when greece will hold parliamentary elections and it could determine whether the country stays in the eurozone. erika miller, n.b.r., new york. >> tom: still ahead, a bullish outlook on u.s. stocks in spite of all the trouble brewing in europe. that's the forecast from tonight's market monitor hank smith. "nightly business report" is brought to you by: captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: hopes over a spanish bank bailout helped stocks finish the day higher. the dow gained 93. u.s. sales to euro-zone countries fell almost 10%. european imports to the u.s. for the week, the dow is up the nasdaq gained 4% the s&p 500 up 3.7%. while stocks shook off the european worries this week, one place we can see the impact of europe is in u.s. trade numbers. the tra
Jun 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
recession in the u.s. >>> trading china. should you be buying the dip? john rutledge of rutledge appal joins us on the take. >>> waiting on apple's next big thing. one hour left to trade the stock ahead of the big developers conference. ke welcome. >> joe terranova. i'm watching financials. >> i'm watching 1335 in the s&p cash as well as gold. >> i'm steve cortez. i'm watching italy. >> jon najarian. i'm watching ni vid ya and verizon because of the worldwide developers conference. >> all right. joining us for the full hour is our very special guest, jim rogers. a renowned international investor. chairman of rogers holdings. he is an outspoken bull on commodities in asia earlier in his career. he also co-founded the quantum fund with george soros. you're putting us to sartorial shame with that summer suit today. >> i live in the tropic. just got off a plane from china. here i am. >> we heard from the traders. what's the most important thing you're watching today. >> i'm watching the whole world. i'm very worried about what's happening with central banks. central banks are printing a lo
Jun 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
witnesses on competitiveness and collaboration issues between the u.s. and china. -- i'm told that senator murko wski is on her way. i took a trip to china to discuss the deployment of clean energy. we visited hong kong and beijing to talk to investors and business representatives and government officials. on that trip, obviously, we were impressed by the fast combination of government partnerships. in china is rapidly developing. although much of their growth is dominated by coal and facile -- and fossil fuels, there are government policies to promote clean energy sector as well. that sector is not only developing domestically in china, it is also extending abroad, it is influencing the u.s. very directly and european markets. the situation in china is in direct contrast to the approach to clean energy that we have taken here in the u.s. many of our efforts to promote clean technology is addressed in and in predict -- in an unpredictable fashion with funds and incentives that expired and come back to life and expire again. there is a lack of clear direction of policy that would al
Jun 13, 2012 5:30pm PDT
building up its military and have documents that prove a ship transported vehicles from china and say the vehicles could be used as launch pads for ballistic missiles. japan's coast guard, police, and customs officials say they found export documents of the ship in october at osaka port. they say the ship was operated by a company with suspected ties to a trading firm that's been designated for violating u.s. sanctions banning weapons and materials to north korea. they say the paperwork show the ship transported four large vehicles from shanghai. japanese officials say it's likely these vehicles matched those displayed during a military parade in april in north korea and say exporting this type of hardware violates resolutions that ban countries from sending materials related to weapons of mass destruction to north korea. japanese officials are reporting their findings to the u.n. >>> a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson is denying the accusati accusations. >> translator: china firmly opposing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. we strictly implement u.n. resolutions. >>
Jun 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
proving a ship transporting special vehicles from china. they say the vehicles could be used as launch pads for ballistic missiles. the coast guard police and custom officials say they found export documents of the cambodian register ship during a search in october in osaka port. the firm has been designated for an asset freeze for violating sanctions violating weapons to north korea. they say the paperwork shows a ship transported four large special vehicles from shanghai to the north korean city of nampho. japanese officials say it's likely these vehicles match those displayed as missile launchpads during a military parade in april in north korea. they also say exporting this type of hardware violates u.n. security council resolutions. the resolutions ban countries from sending materials related to weapons of mass destruction to north korea. japanese officials are reporting their findings to the u.n. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson is denying the accusations. >> translator: china firmly opposes proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. we strongly implement unsc re
Jun 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
held apparently with the chinese naval buildup in mind. china's military presence is growing. it has also adopted a more assertive stance in the south china sea where it has overlapping territorial claims with other asian nations. sunday's drill is being held in line with an agreement reached last november to increase contacts between the two country's military forces. >> we look forward to developing greater interoperability and adopting the best practices that we could share from this exercise. >> reporter: japan and india are not the only countries worried of china's moves in the east and south china seas. msdf crews are preparing to begin three-day exercises with u.s. and australian naval ships off southwestern japan on wednesday. the joint fleet will practice anti-submarine warfare. >> our job is to make sure we maintain a stable and security maritime environment which we can all prosper from. and that's all countries. >> reporter: japanese government leaders say these drills will help their personnel build up their skills and at the same time, they say it's a chance for the
Jun 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
findings to the u.n. a chinese spokesperson is denying the accusations. >> translator: china firmly opposes proliferation of wex weapon of mass destruction and their transport equipment. we implement unsc resolutions. >> he added firms in china do not export goods that are banned by security council resolutions or chinese law. >>> nhk world senior reporter gives us more insight into the special vehicles that have been transported to north korea. >> well the international committee has raised conces over the transport launcher which for the first time appeared in public at a parade in pyongyang on april 15. this launcher reportedly carries a long range missile. so if the vehicles were exported from north korea, this could be in violation of the resolution. please look at the pictures. the first one was taken at a parade in pyongyang in april. the second is of special vehicles being manufactured by china. the shape of the front window resembles that of the vehicle in the parade in april. you can see the same model of 16 wheel vehicles made in china appear in the parade. the analysts h
Jun 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
the aircraft passed all safety checks. they said they would go ahead with their plan. >>> in china, a microblogging service is attracting keen attention of users, hitting 300 million. the social networking site services is a forum for exchanging information word of mouth and generating new business chances. in shanghai just about everyone has a smartphone. often they're using it to check their accounts. these microblogging sites are a key forum for exchanging information about consumer products. >> translator: i always check, you can't take advertisements at face value. >> reporter: a leading japanese cosmetics maker has set up a account to alert people in china to its new brand. after posting information about new cosmetics, it analyzes the reactions and then posts follow-up information about the products. people who respond to the information posted are invited to the company's promotional events. after trying out the products, the invitees post their comments and reactions again via the site. >> reporter: we are not just sending out information. we want to hear what our fans have t
Jun 2, 2012 10:15pm EDT
. on numerous occasions, i have warned that countries like china, india, korea, mexico, the opec nations who are really having a field day with us, believe me -- i have been talking about for years. we cannot go on. we cannot continue to go on where countries are laughing at us, laughing yet our leaders, laughing yet every single thing we do. it used to be that we had the greatest negotiators. we were the kings and queens. now we are laughingstock. i can tell you, the people in this room don't like it and i don't like it. [applause] we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars a year. china this year will make $350 billion on us. call it profit. call it whatever you want. the number will be $350 billion and is probably going up. today, if you read the newspaper, the devalued the currency. by the way, that does not sound good, but it is great for them and bad for us, as you can probably expect. they don't respect us. and then devaluation, which nobody believed was possible, but to have the audacity to do it, that the valuation will make it really hard for our companies to compete
Jun 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
! >> in lockstep when it comes to syria, the ldeea of russia ande china demanded they do more to stop the violence of the a assad regime. and the race is on for the world's natural resources. welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. it was a celebration like no other, and today the pageantry was on full display as queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee drew to a close. for the few -- for the last few days, people have turned out in droves to pay tribute to queen elizabeth. her husband was absent after being hospitalized with an infection. >> it is the site of britain celebrating its monarchy and most especially the 60-year reign of this marble. hundreds of people waving and cheering in the rain. and a queen, temporarily without the has been to whom she is devoted, carrying on, saying how much it all meant to were. >> it has been a humbling experience. it has touched me deeply to see so many families, neighbors, and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. >> she said she hoped people would cherish there memories of the jubilee. >> i will continue to treas
Jun 28, 2012 5:30pm PDT
minerals are only found in limited places. the u.s. geological survey says china accounts for 97% of the world's production. chinese government officials cut exports of the minerals by 40% in 2010. they said they were protecting the environment. in september that year, a chinese fishing vessel collided with japanese patrol boats. exports of rare earths to japan have been sporadic ever since. japanese firms started to look elsewhere for supplies. the university of tokyo scientists carried out a seabed survey. they analyzed the mud samples and discovered the high concentration of rare earths. they estimate the area of mud covers at least 1,000 square kilometers within japan's exclusive economic zone. they think it contains some 6.8 million tons of rare earths. but the minerals are nearly 6,000 meters below the surface of the sea. no one has ever mined at such depths, so new technology is required. engineers suggest using oil well drilling equipment. they would lower a pipe from a ship to the ocean floor. then they would blast air through this pipe forcing mud and sand up to the surface. th
Jun 7, 2012 5:00pm PDT
additional monetar easing if deteriorates. >>> bu jonein the as in reaction to a rate cut in china before the u.s. fed view on u.s. is cap advanced. 12,460.go to rami the tokyo stoc ramin, quite a surprise m how are s friday morning here ing to you, ks like markets are of from chairman bernanke's cut from and that on fromove from chie interest rates.then of co the chairman er be front of the joint banking tempered some of the gains reflected opening the nikkeitopi morning june 8 inooking at the you can trading a opened heree economic data. n's current balance comi billion an to march revised now, marketsthough much on what officials hav saying and d we're more of t rather from fed be of the rate cutnufacturing comm stocks here going forwarfort there from the government there to boost growth we also saw as quite a indication from thereflection after the move china. looking to manufacturing, months of con sector and of its so japanese should gain on of that chairman , did temper investors r would say little bit more economy. gh let's fmoc will under two weeks have just been his until
Jun 25, 2012 3:00am EDT
come back, i want to pick you up on that same point. i want to ask you about china and america and the forthcoming presidential election. >>> i'm with his holiness, dalai lama. let us talk china for a moment. china has become in your lifetime one of the great two super powers of the world and may well economically in the next 10, 15 years, become the number one super power in the world. what do you think of modern china and how it's changed in the time you have been dalai lama? >> big change. in china, most populated nation. and also long history. i think really china, chinese, i think really a long history of civilization, rich culture. i wouldn't argue the richness of their food. however, in modern china, a lot of ups and downs. but i have full faith chinese people, they're hard working, realistic. so the last i think 50 years, i think they already tested different experience. i think modern china, they got sort of troubled experience during the revolution. so after the revolution, seems they opened their eye. so things are changing, i feel very realistic person. somehow, he's commun
Jun 5, 2012 5:00pm PDT
russian china presidents ha met strengthenheir s we report from beijing. >> reporter: russian preside putin is beijing wh talks with theinese presiden his firstisit to theesidency inpew tan twonterest in many internationalirs, the technologies. that russian a developed level ever developse president to st energyimmediates. they sayinghat they political solution. they to t a opensdy was asian putin have with ahmendinejad who attend as observer. putin trying to cou by united states and countries over syria and other >>> thes agr allownd humaneptical will to of said that s worldogram seven s. workers arrive at s is a evident in the coming weeks and beeasured not in rhetoric, no actionground. >> t say 1 re ineed of ass food and medicine a human rights syria re continuingcks. 56 peoplin the countrdays. >>>nts will meet up they are taking mit with t leaders four central trying to terrorism secessionist check. of t hu home the top priority of change later this putin isd to urge members to in opposing defense plans deploy in europe. of warships n for joint drill. region conc >> report
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